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【期間限定発売】8 Moon Cakes 2019

2019年 月餅8個入り

税込\ 5,000

毎年大好評の伝統的な月餅をセットにし、高級感のあるギフトボックスに詰め合わせた、2019年シャングリ・ラ ホテル 東京 オリジナル月餅。

フレーバー:蓮の実、栗、抹茶、小豆(各2個入り、直径約 6.5cm)




Our popular mooncake set with traditional flavors comes in a beautifully decorated gift box. Celebrate this Mid-Autumn festival season, by giving your loved ones our original 2019 Mooncake set.

4 flavors inside: Chestnut, Red Bean, Green Tea, Lotus
Total of 8 pieces (2 of each flavors)

【Sales will start from Aug 25th for limited sets】

**Only accepting shipping orders for online
**The set does not come with any kind of tea
**For those who would like to order set(s) for pick up at the hotel, please contact Our operating hours are from 11:00am to 20:00pm.
**There will be a additional fee of 324yen for refrigerated service when sending a set


【期間限定発売】8 Moon Cakes 2019

  • 【期間限定発売】8 Moon Cakes 2019

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